To make every experience in the outdoors superior by providing consumers the highest-quality apparel and equipment through our commitment to excellence and innovation.


We want to create, build or acquire the most technically advanced brands that will ensure every outdoor enthusiast’s experience in the outdoors is superior.

Guiding Principles

  • Building a cohesive and synergistic network of brands
  • Delivering the most cutting-edge innovation
  • Creating superior workplaces for our teammates
  • Taking a leadership role in the outdoors

Industry Focus

Our goal is to build through strategic acquisition, internal development and partnership a cohesive group of complementary brands in the outdoors sector that appeal to those who share our passion for the outdoors and demand nothing but the highest quality and most technologically advanced apparel, equipment and products.

Investment Models

  • $250k to $25 million in equity capital per transaction
  • Control and Non-Control Investments
  • Growth Equity
  • Credit Support